Lesson Plan : The Emergence Christianity

Teacher Name:
 Debbie Avila
 Grade 9-10
 Social Studies

 The emergence of Monotheistic Religions (Christianity)
 *Student will understand the importance of monotheistic religions at that that time, as well as, the importance of it today with relation to past and present. *The student will understand the development of Christianity. *The student will comprehend the spiritual dimensions of Christianity. *Student will understand how Christianity helped to develop Western Society mindset.
 Notes, pen, paper
 Students will be asked to think of their own religious affiliation. Then they will be asked what they know and want to know about Christianity.(10 min)
 The student will be given notes on Christianity. These notes will be given in three fifteen minute intervals, between those intervals the student will be asked questions based on the notes that were gone over. (45 min total)
 After the class has taken its first set of notes they will be presented with questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy. The first question will be a knowledge based question over the first set of notes given. they will have about five minutes to answer the question and we will go over it in class. As a class we will go over knowledge, comprehension and application questions (5 min each, 15 min total)
Checking For Understanding:
 I will walk through class to makes sure that students are understanding the information presented to them and make sure that any questions they have are answered.
 A few minutes before class the students will write down on a sheet of paper one new thing that they learned about Christianity. They will use this as their exit ticket.
 I will evaluate their process based on Bloom's questions, bubble map.

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