Lesson Plan : Proto Renaissance

Teacher Name:
 Grade 11-12

 Proto Renaissance 15th Century Art-Flemish, Spanish, French and German 15th Century Art-Italian
 Discussion of proto Renaissance from Giotto to Masaccio Discussion of movement from Fresco to Oil, From Jamb sculpture to free standing sculpture Discussion of change in Patronage from Church, to Guilds, to wealth Merchants
 Students will recognize the shift in style, substance and subject. Students will recognize the use of oil. Students will recognize the importance of Guild's, and apprenticeship Students will recognize the difference between Northern Early Renaissance and Southern Renaissance. Introduction of changes in sculpture and printmaking.
 Teacher will lead discussions while showing the Powerpoint on the Early Renaissance. Students will participate by engaging in meaningful dialogue about the changes in art. Students will continue to read, do homework sheets, and participate in class. Unit Test on Friday.
 Powerpoint Presentations Visuals of all major periods. Unit place holder.
 Review of Proto-Renaissance. Review of slides shown. Introduction to Early Renaissance in North Introduction to Early Renaissance in South.
 Students will discuss, work on homework, and read. Students will evaluate the changes based on slides shown.
 Reading on the history behind this movement. Students will conduct research to find modern examples that relate to our unti.
 The teacher will work with individual students.
Checking For Understanding:
 Friday-unit test on Proto Renaissance and Early Renaissance.

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