Lesson Plan : Mexican Poncho's

Teacher Name:
 Miss Bowman
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 The Mexican Hat Dance Performance
 For each child to paint a paper poncho cut out one for their costume for the "Mexican Hat Dance" and a mini poncho for their special soft toy.
 A Range of Vibarnt Colour Paints XXL brown paper bags (cut a semi circle at the top of the bag in centre for the neckline & cut striaght all the way uo the sides) 1x paint Brush per paint pot Newspaper for on the tables 1x apron per child 1x water pot (keep this away from the childrens art incase of any spiliages) demo poncho on elephant stuffed toy
 Why - making paper ponchos Special Treat - Mini Poncho for their favourite soft toy Why - selected vibrant colours Explain - Vibrant
 Ask - if they can see a vibrant colour - hands up i.e. paints (tranistion) Show - model elephant Show - Ponco Photos Demo - paint vibrant coloured stripes on small paper bag Explain - soft toy ponco given when their costume is completed
 Children - start painting assist - children when required encourage - children to complete their work
 children attention - hands head, toe, nose (children laugh) Explain - pack up time rules encourage - children which require motivation disscuss behaviour reward
 Calm - Children ask them to breath in and out, once calm continue evacuate - quite as a mouse

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