Lesson Plan : Modelling Faces

Teacher Name:
 Christina Ludlam
 Arts and Crafts

 Sugarcraft - Modelling with sugar
 Modelling heads, faces and expressions in sugarpaste.
 To create several faces with various expressions, which can be used singly or grouped together to decorate cakes, plaques, etc.
 Students will learn how to handle sugarpaste and how it reacts to the elements (air, moisture, etc.). They will observe how parts of the face move to create various expressions and will practice modelling several faces in sugarpaste.
 Handouts, sugarpaste (white, flesh-tone & black), ball tools, cocktail sticks, skewers, texturing materials, plastic spoons, polythene bags, Paintbrushes, colour paste, petal-dust (flesh), cake cards.
 1. Complete enrollments, take payment. 2. Introduce myself and course. Explain it's a course for beginners but ask briefly about past experience in sugarcraft. 3. Briefly introduce handling of sugar and modelling. 4. Show several examples of sugarpaste faces/heads.
 Explain relationship between eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, mouth, etc. Finishing touches: Show differences between male/female faces - cheeks, eyelashes, hair, facial hair, dimples. Assembly and presentation.
 Work through second example, step-by-step, whilst students join in. Ask students to complete several different expressions, before applying finishing touches and assembling heads on cake board.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask if anyone has any questions. Do they feel the class was useful? Can they think of how they might use what they've learned?
 View everyone's work and praise students' results/efforts. Thank everyone for taking part.

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