Lesson Plan : Art Center

Teacher Name:
 Denise Cerrato
 Arts and Crafts

 Farm Animals
 farm animals and their babies cow=calf hoarse-foal sheep-lamb
 Student will match the farm animal with thier baby. Children will name animals names and ababies names. Children will describe how baby is born. children will choose an animal and draw a picture and its baby.
 Children wil develop farm vocabulary. Children will pair farm animals with their baby.
 Farm animals plastic toys, farm animals pictures, farm animals vdeo of bay animals, chart paper, crayons, markers and paints.
 Teacher will read story "Animal babies" Teacher will satr discussiion about what children know about animals and what they will like to laern.
 Teacher will bring paltic animals an children will try to match the animal with their baby. Stess vocabulary and participation. Look closely to animal characteristics and decide why we are matching each animals to its pair.
 Children work at the tables with the palstic animals. as a group encourage t make pens for the animals using bloks or other materials.
 Use video for children to see real life animals. Introduce song for children to identy by sounds
Checking For Understanding:
 As children are finishing pictures, ask what the name of the animal is ,what the baby's name is and tell how baby is born: alive or by eggs
 Each child presents to the class their picture and tell why they chose.
 Children will be usingvocabulary when palying. Children will be making animal sounds.

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