General Science Activities Worksheets

Science is the pursuit of truth and the ability to accept change dictated by the perceived truth. The focus of science is to better understand the natural world around us. These activities will help students begin to set out on their truth seeking mission.

  1. Jelly Bean Sort - Jelly Bean classification!
  2. Jelly Bean Record Page - Data collection sheet for the lab above.
  3. Jelly Bean Graph - Graph page for Jelly Bean Lab.
  4. Laboratory Safety Acknowledgement Form - A full safety form to help communicate the dangers of horseplay with students and their parents or guardians. It is a good habit to get into to ask them to sign this each quarter.
  5. Now that's using your head! - A fun basic graphing lab, that examines if your head size is related to how high you can jump. Did you ever wonder if the size of your head is related to how far you can jump? You teacher has been wondering just the same, so he decided that we would take on this question in today's lab.
  6. Time to lend NASA a hand - A great lab for introducing measurement! What units do we use to signify liquid volume, dry volume, temperature, time, density, & mass.