Logarithm Equations Worksheets By Specific Topic Area

We trimmed these down to focus on skills that are found in the Core curriculum. These are all new and improved to match the standards. We will be adding many more all the time. You will find these super helpful. Below you will basic to advanced worksheets.

Basic Logarithm Worksheets

  1. Logarithmic Format
  2. Logarithm Operations Worksheet
  3. Expanding Logarithms
  4. Expand the Logarithm Using the Quotient Rule
  5. Express in Exponential Form
  6. Finding Log Values (w/Calculator)
  7. The Value of the Argument in Logarithms
  8. Algebra Starter Pack
  9. Using a Calculator to Find Logarithm Values
  10. Using the Change of Base Rule

Logarithm Operation Worksheets

  1. Advanced Logarithm Operations
  2. Antilogarithms
  3. Combining Logarithms
  4. Tricky Exponents: Solving For X

Logarithm Word Problems

Please note that you will need to remind students to solve these problems using your preferred format. These sheets have many different applications.

  1. Logarithms Word Problems
  2. Decay and Practical Everyday Logarithms
  3. Mixed Logarithms Word Problems
  4. An Introduction to Logarithms Word Problems

Natural Logarithm Worksheets

  1. Natural Logarithm - Using Calculators
  2. Natural Logarithm Equations and Finding Unknowns
  3. Solving Natural Logarithms Equations
  4. Natural Logarithm Operations