Logarithm Equations Worksheets By Specific Topic Area

We trimmed these down to focus on skills that are found in the Core curriculum. These are all new and improved to match the standards. We will be adding many more all the time. You will find these super helpful. Below you will basic to advanced worksheets.

Basic Logarithm Worksheets

  1. Logarithmic Format - This is a really good starter for kids. You can help your students transition to the concept of logs pretty quickly with this one.
  2. Logarithm Operations Worksheet - Using logs in operations form is usually difficult for many students please allow extra time for them to review this skill.
  3. Expanding Logarithms - This is great to use as a refresher or Do Now activity. The work space helps focus the students.
  4. Expand the Logarithm Using the Quotient Rule - This another skill that recently came to light again. Just follow the quotient rule formula and you should be good to go.
  5. Express in Exponential Form - Have students rewrite each express. Make sure that they double check number 4, it's a bit tricky for some.
  6. Finding Log Values (w/Calculator) - Another quick calculator workout for you! I would practice this a few times.
  7. The Value of the Argument in Logarithms - Students are asked to find the outcome of the argument each time. This is a moderately difficult task for students.
  8. Using a Calculator to Find Logarithm Values - Here is some practice for your calculator and logs. Help them locate the proper buttons. These values can be cryptic on several versions of calculators.
  9. Using the Change of Base Rule - You might find this skill very deceiving. It seems extremely easy, but it does get very difficult at times.

Logarithm Operation Worksheets

  1. Advanced Logarithm Operations - This can be a very difficult skill for many children. Always make sure to check for understanding often with this set.
  2. Antilogarithms - We have to be honest, our math staff hadn't seen this skill in over 20 years, until it popped back up in the math core curriculum recently.
  3. Combining Logarithms - Perform a number of different operations on a basic log scale. Got to love the surfing puppy!
  4. Tricky Exponents: Solving For X - These can take a good amount of time each. Students usually take 2 - 3 minutes a problem.

Logarithm Word Problems

Please note that you will need to remind students to solve these problems using your preferred format. These sheets have many different applications.

  1. Logarithms Word Problems - These problems can be solved using a wide variety of means, but we would like to remind students to focus on using Log solutions.
  2. Decay and Practical Everyday Logarithms - These types of problems are very often found in the Chemistry classroom.
  3. Mixed Logarithms Word Problems - This is a great variety of Log based questions.
  4. An Introduction to Logarithms Word Problems - Four quick and baseline questions for students new to logs in a story setting. It is a great starter!

Natural Logarithm Worksheets

  1. Natural Logarithm - Using Calculators - Not all calculators are created equal when it comes to this set of worksheets. It's like they remove the ln button in Ancient Roman times; even though it was about 5 years ago I remember last seeing them on standard calculators.
  2. Natural Logarithm Equations and Finding Unknowns - Be careful these can be very tricky at first. Make sure you master that first problem and everything should come with it.
  3. Solving Natural Logarithms Equations - This is about as tough as the CORE gets with Logarithms. Try to minimize your operations to make it easier for yourself.
  4. Natural Logarithm Operations - You can have them solve number if they wish. The answer key that we provide work it down to natural log of a fraction, in most cases.