Kindergarten Math Worksheets (For Ages 5 to 6)

These math worksheets are designed specifically for kindergartners using the national standards. They are helpful for students usually of age five to six. Students at this level are preparing for the transition to first grade where higher level operations begin. First grade teachers are looking for students to have a mastery of counting to 100, basic comparison skills, and recognizing operations. This set of worksheet should get you on your way. You will also find some excellent math worksheets specifically for this grade level at Little Worksheets.

  1. Coloring Position - We recommend you do this first one with your students, until they get the hang of it.
  2. Ordinal Numbers Counting - Color the dogs based on the directions. Note the start is in the upper left corner.
  3. Color by Ordinal Numbers - Beach Scene - Color the scene based on the directions given below. Order the objects.
  4. Color by Ordinal Numbers - Lovely Butterflies - Color the pretty butterflies based on the directions that you are provided.
  5. Drawing To Count - Draw all the shapes to make the correct counts.
  6. Match Numbers, Words, and Counts 1 to 5 - Draw a line to the items from both the words and the numbers.
  7. Match Numbers, Words, and Counts 6 to 10 - Match the items to the words and numbers. This is for 6 to 10.
  8. More or Less - Compare the amount of items in each case.
  9. Picture Addition - This is the first steps towards converting from counting to adding numbers.
  10. What Comes Next? - This can be a cut and paste activity for kids to make it a bit more fun.
  11. Counting to 20 by 1s - A nice space to count out to 20. Put the petal to the metal, pun intended.
  12. Out of Order Counting - Put the missing number into each caboose to complete the counting sequence.
  13. Count To 100 By 1s - Fill all the squares to complete to 100. Left to right and then down.
  14. Skip Count to 100 by 10s - Practice counting by 10s. Get Fido to his house.
  15. Picture Subtraction - We take the step from reverse counting or countdowns to subtraction.
  16. Matching Addition Strategies and Sums - Match different methods for finding sums.
  17. Make 10 by Drawing - We ask you to draw additional shapes to make a sum of ten. A good idea for advanced students is to have them write a matching addition problem.
  18. Adding and Subtracting to 5 - Students tackle very basic addition and subtraction problems that don't go over the number 5.
  19. Taller and Shorter Worksheet - Make sure students read the directions carefully. Have them underline what is required. For instance in the first problem, they should underline taller.
  20. Position Worksheet - Where are things in relation to one another in this cute farm scene.
  21. Naming Shapes - Name every shape you see. There are two in here that are more aimed at first grade, so you can help them on the last two.