Kindergarten Math Worksheets (For Ages 5 to 6)

These math worksheets are designed specifically for kindergartners using the national standards. They are helpful for students usually of age five to six. Students at this level are preparing for the transition to first grade where higher level operations begin. First grade teachers are looking for students to have a mastery of counting to 100, basic comparison skills, and recognizing operations. This set of worksheet should get you on your way. You will also find some excellent math worksheets specifically for this grade level at Little Worksheets.

  1. Coloring Position
  2. Ordinal Numbers Counting
  3. Color by Ordinal Numbers - Beach Scene
  4. Color by Ordinal Numbers - Lovely Butterflies
  5. Drawing To Count
  6. Match Numbers, Words, and Counts 1 to 5
  7. Match Numbers, Words, and Counts 6 to 10
  8. More or less
  9. Picture Addition
  10. What Comes Next?
  11. Counting to 20 by 1s
  12. Out of Order Counting
  13. Count To 100 By 1s
  14. Skip Count to 100 by 10s
  15. Picture Subtraction
  16. Matching Addition Strategies and Sums
  17. Make 10 by Drawing
  18. Adding and Subtracting to 5
  19. Taller and Shorter Worksheet
  20. Position Worksheet
  21. Naming Shapes