Even and Odd Number Worksheets

Students determine if a number is even or odd. Kids really love the mazes and puzzles. Try them, we're sure you'll have fun.

  1. Even and Odd Numbers Double Digits - Identify the classification of each number by writing "Even" or "Odd".
  2. Even and Odd Numbers Triple Digits - We now move the skill up to defining numbers in three digit form.
  3. Even and Odd Numbers Quadruple Digits - Up the skill to include 4 numbers. Hopefully by now students understand that the ending digit defines the number.
  4. Odd or Even Circle and Color - Students pick the numbers out rather than creating the numbers. Time to break out the crayons. This can even be used as a quick quiz.

These are more application type worksheets. Students actually use this skill to solve some sort of puzzle.

  1. Even and Odd Bubbles - A quick coloring activity. A fun way to review this skill. Students just color the defined numbers.
  2. Even and Odd Picture Counts - This is very basic and includes counting. A quick review on counting followed by classfying the number you determined in the count.
  3. Even and Odd Word Problems - We present students with a real life situation where they have to thinking critically. We put students in a quick scenario and ask them to determine if what is in front of them is even or odd.
  4. Even Number Maze - Help Fido find his food bowl. He's super hungy! This is a real fun one. Fido needs your help to get to dish food dish. Help Fido by follow the even numbers to his bowl.
  5. Odd Number Maze - P.J. the frog is trying to get to his dinner table. Help him out! Poor old P.J. the frog is hungry. Help him find his way to his dinner (flies) by following the odd numbers.