Estimation Worksheets

We have a wide range of estimation worksheets. We especially focus on the estimation of sums and time. We have numerical and visual based worksheets available.

  1. Estimate The Sum to the Nearest Tens - This is great exercise to get studnets in the habit of checking their work. First round the numbers, then add them.
  2. Estimate The Sum to the Nearest Hundreds Place - Round the numbers to the nearest hundreds place and then add the two numbers together.
  3. Estimate The Difference to the Nearest Tens - Carry your rounded numbers over to the right column and then complete the subtraction.
  4. Estimate The Difference to the Nearest Hundreds - This is a very rough estimate of the outcome of the problem.
  5. Estimating Sums and Differences to the Nearest Tens - This mixes both skills of working with sums and differences. This makes kids pay attention a little more.
  6. Estimating Sums and Differences to the Nearest Hundreds - First determine the type of operation you are working with, then round to the nearest 100s, then solve the estimated problem.
  7. Estimate The Sums of Tens - See how quick your students can handle these problems. The multiple choice really follows what most national tests usually go with.
  8. Estimate The Sums of Hundreds - Round to the second highest place and then make it go.
  9. Estimate The Sums of Thousands - A few of the solutions are not present, hence, choice "D" is available for you.
  10. Estimate The Sums of Ten-Thousands - Work with larger estimated sums.

Estimating Time Worksheets

  1. In a Minute - Will it take longer than a minute? This is a quick worksheet that focuses on things you can do in a minute.
  2. In 10 Minutes - Determine how quickly these tasks can be done; relative to 10 minutes of time.
  3. In 30 Minutes? - Will these tasks take more or less than 30 minutes?
  4. In an Hour - Can you complete these tasks under or over an hour.
  5. Mixed Minutes - Give a quick estimate of how much time a task will take.
  6. Mixed Units of Time - Let's assume that a song takes 3-4 minutes to listen to.

Estimating Weight or Mass

  1. Version 1 - We really mix in the different units of measure here.
  2. Version 2 - Determine which mass would most likely be seen by the item or object in each picture.
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4

Estimating Length

  1. Version 1 - Most of the units are metric on these sheets
  2. Version 2 - This is a quick sheet to help students learn to estimate weight. Decide which measure best represents each picture.
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4