4thGrade Do Now Math Worksheets

All the math skills covered here are aligned directly with the core math curriculum. We review this section often to make sure that we properly aligned as adjustments are made to the standards.

Basic Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Prime and Composite Numbers, Word Based Comparisons: A great introduction to understanding the concept of an equation and what prime numbers are.
  2. Version 2 - Multiples, Odds and Evens: You might want to do the first problem in number 3 with students to make sure they understand what is being asked of them.
  3. Version 3 - Products and Quotients: You will find a big variety of basic operation based problems.
  4. Version 4 - Visual Multiplication: Making products visual. Take circle and make them into multiplication based expresssions.
  5. Version 5 - Drawing Equivalent Fractions: This is a very unique way to start looking at fraction conversions. This helps it hit home!
  6. Version 6 - Multiples and Products: A look at the concept of multiples and long operation based problems.
  7. Version 7 - Odd or Even, Prime or Composite Integers: This is one of those; either you know it or you don't worksheets.
  8. Version 8 - Make Visual Multiplication: This is a great leap from addition to multiplication. Students really get a concrete understanding with this one.
  9. Version 9 - Random Multiplication Puzzle and Working With Expressions: We introduct a times table of sorts. The sentence based expression is really helpful too!
  10. Version 10 - Numbers as Words and Products: The products get a bit more complex and the integers get wordy.

Intermediate Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Unique Word Problems: This is a lengthy word problem that leads to a deep thinking fraction problem.
  2. Version 2 - Compare Words and Numbers: The comparisons are pretty simple, students do have a problem converting words to numbers sometimes though.
  3. Version 3 - Equivalent Fractions: This worksheet works on fraction sense. Understanding how relative they are is the key.
  4. Version 4 - Fraction Based Word Problems: These all need to be read carefully. They can be a bit tricky.
  5. Version 5 - Unit Conversion: This can be the quickest or longest worksheet ever. It's all based on how good of a handle students have on conversion of units.
  6. Version 6 - Time Word Problems, Classifying Angles: A couple of quick mental story problems and simple angle classification.
  7. Version 7 - Many Types Of Calculations: The product problem can take sometime. The rest of the problems should fly by.
  8. Version 8 - Mixed Word Problems: Students really identify with the word problems. We would recommend diagramming question number 2.
  9. Version 9 - Quotients and Rewrite Problems: This is a two-step worksheet. Students carry down the first problem to the second.
  10. Version 10 - Equivalent Fractions and Word Problems: The equivalent fractions should be a breeze. The long word problem should throw them for a loop.

Advanced Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Long Division and Reverse Operations: Long division (with remainders) and larger numbers. Then we have students demonstrate the relationship between multiplying and division.
  2. Version 2 - Compare Fractions and Convert Them to Mixed Numbers: Compare fractions with different denominators and then convert fractions to mixed numbers.
  3. Version 3 - Sums and Differences With Fractions: Add and subtract fractions that have the same denominators.
  4. Version 4 - Mixed Number Operations: Find the sums and differences with mixed numbers that have the same denominator.
  5. Version 5 - Word Problems and Fractions to Decimals: These are some of the tougher word problems that students will run into at this grade level.
  6. Version 6 - Length Based Word Problems: Make sure to carefully read each problem. There is no unit conversion required for any of the problems.
  7. Version 7 - Weight Word Problems, Measuring Angles: Break out the protractor and while you're at it work through some mass based problems.
  8. Version 8 - Shape Symmetry: Lets find the symmetrical units within common shapes.
  9. Version 9 - Grade 4 Mixed Problems: This is a really big potpourri of math problems for this level. Great for a review session!
  10. Version 10 - Fractions to Decimals and Sums of Mixed Numbers: You start be doing some simple 100ths fractions to decimals and end of with mixed number operations.