1st Grade Do Now Math Worksheets

These are great to use when you start off a class. These worksheets all focus on 1st grade math skills. All the skills covered are aligned directly to the core curriculum standards.

Basic Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Simple counting followed basic single digit operations
  2. Version 2 - Much of the same as the 1st version, but we get puppy happy here.
  3. Version 3 - This is the 1st time that we get a little abstract. Count some happy faces and then identify shapes and count them.
  4. Version 4 - Students count shapes and then subtract them.
  5. Version 5 - Students systematically add and subtract.
  6. Version 6 - This is a good model for tranfering from counting to performing basic operations.
  7. Version 7 - We start helping students understand the concept of quantity.
  8. Version 8 - We add geometric shapes with number sense.
  9. Version 9 - This is a quick one for students. We add, count, and subtract.
  10. Version 10 - We begin to learn to contrast numbers and bolster an understanding of numerals.

Intermediate Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - We start working on sequencing and integer comparisons.
  2. Version 2 - The focus is on number comparisons and sequence. We start to work them toward the concept of more or less.
  3. Version 3 - This is one of those think fast DO Nows. You might want to do 2 DO Nows on this day.
  4. Version 4 - We tried to ask the questions in a slightly different format in this set to help give students a different look at them.
  5. Version 5 - We introduce the terms "sum" and "difference".
  6. Version 6 - We try to step it up a bit with this one. Just slighly below advanced skills.
  7. Version 7 - Some students might need additional time for this one. We do feel that most will be done in 5 minutes though.
  8. Version 8 - This will be the 1st time to see the concept of Algebra. Next step, solving for x.
  9. Version 9 - This sheet is much more open to interpretation for students. It's the 1st time that they will not have a fixed number problem.
  10. Version 10 - You might find that many have difficulty with the concept of going from words to numbers. This is a great review.

Advanced Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Students review place value and money counting skills with this sheet.
  2. Version 2 - Add and subtract 2-digit numbers. Write using number format. While your at it, count up your wallet/purse.
  3. Version 3 - Master your ones and tens places.
  4. Version 4 - Count up your pockets and prep your self with some adding and subtracting.
  5. Version 5 - Sentence Based Operations, Tens Place
  6. Version 6 - Students work on earning more money with math and back to place value.
  7. Version 7 - We start with double digit operations and how to make change.
  8. Version 8 - More fun with place vale and the perils of giving friends money.
  9. Version 9 - This one is a real mixer. Skip counting by 3s, working with 5 cent pieces, and a little subtraction.
  10. Version 10 - Students learn the words sum and difference in a math sense. A hard money word problem and writing numbers as words.