Addition Worksheets By Specific Topic Area

Below you will find well over 100 free addition worksheets specifically for this skill. We now feature the most complete Kindergarten through Middle School math curriculum available anywhere. You will find our work fun and engaging for your students.

Adding By Number of Digits

Adding With Fixed Numbers

Students find the sum of two - single, double, or triple digit numbers.

This set has students complete sums with a fixed lower placed number. The top numbers randomly changes from single to double digits.


Addition Puzzles

Aligned To Core Grade Levels

Hidden Picture Math Puzzles

An absolutely wonderful way to review addition skills while having fun coloring. Give them a shot!

You will find a mix of math puzzles that include sums at various stages of the problems. Kids really enjoy these for review activities.



All of this work is directly aligned to core math standards.


Grade 1

Grade 2



Primer for Young Learners

Addition Charts

Addition charts will help you get a practice skill to help introduce and review the skill.

Great practice charts for students of all age for practice or just review.


Mixed Add/Subtract Skills

Adding Decimals

This set of sheets mixes sums and differences of various ranges of numbers. We also included mixed operations within algebra problems. You can find our entire algebra section here. We work students through a wide range of sums with decimals in this section. We also include negative decimals. You can find our complete decimal section here.


Adding By Range Of Numbers

Adding 3 or more Addends

The sums in this section consist of random numbers of digits set within a range. This set focuses on the sum of three numbers. This is often a difficult task for students. Make sure to provide students with plenty of room to work.



Addition of Negative Numbers

Money and Math Games

This is a very basic pre-algebra skill. Kids add a negative number to a positive number. They also add two negative numbers together. Students work with sums of currency and real life situations. You will also find fun cooperative tic-tac-toe games all based on sums.

Single Negative Numbers
Double Negative Numbers

Tic-tac-toe Math