Sixth Grade Math Worksheets (Grade 6 - For Ages 11 to 12)

Sixth grade worksheets focus on relevant skills for ten and eleven year olds. These skills include exponent operations, factoring, fraction operations, measurement, ratios, and proportions. Students at this point should be comfortable with decimals, fractions, and percentages. They are working towards mastery of fractions.

Make sure to check out our Grade 6 Do Now math section for quick starter problems that are aligned to the core curriculum.Our curriculum will make teaching and learning sixth grade math a breeze.

  1. Completing Equivalent Proportions
  2. Converting Exponents
  3. Converting Measurement Units
  4. Division of Whole Numbers by Fractions
  5. Extended Fraction and Percentage Word Problems
  6. Factoring to Prime Factors
  7. Find the Area Right Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Polygons
  8. Finding Equal Measures of Volume
  9. Fraction Addition with Mixed Numbers
  10. Fraction Division (Differing Denominators)
  11. Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiple
  12. Multiplication between Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  13. Mixed Number Subtraction
  14. Unit Rate Percentage Problems
  15. Units of Length Conversions
  16. Using Graphs to Understand the Central Tendency of Data
  17. Rate Word Problems
  18. Ratio Word Problems
  19. Rational Numbers Systems
  20. Recognizing Relationships as an Equation
  21. Writing and Evaluating Expressions
  22. Writing Equivalent Expressions