2nd Grade Math Worksheets (Grade 2 - For Ages 7 to 8)

These math worksheets are designed specifically for grade 2 students following core math standards. You will find these printables useful for students usually between the ages of seven to eight years old.

We have a complete Do Now math worksheet section for 2nd graders as well. They are also aligned to the core curriculum.

Addition Based Problems

Subtraction Based Problems

  • Bubble Pop Subtraction - This is a free response worksheet, so there is no answer key. That is why we suggest that this be a peer reviewed activity. A good plan is to have 2 students review every paper. If they find a mistake, they get an extra point on their paper.
  • Magic Squares Subtraction | Answer Key- Subtract the numbers across and down to find he differences in this puzzle. The lower right corner box is always fun.
  • Missing Subtract Parts | Answer Key - This is an algebra starter for students. Fill in the missing portion of differences.
  • Subtraction Function Tables | Answer Key - This is your basic double digit subtraction, but the students need to setup the problems for themselves. You are going to need some scrap paper.
  • Subtraction Slides | Answer Key - A really fun one that we dreamed up. This requires memory recall to some extent. Write the differences in the pointed boxes.
  • Successive Subtraction Circles | Answer Key - On the left side you are asked to subtract each of the differences by 6 repeatedly. The same goes for the right column, but we ask you to use 8.

Mixed Operations Problems

Working with Integers