Vocal Lesson Plans

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  • Developing a succesful Show Choir - By the end of the first grading period there should be a marked improvement in the students overall performnce level and confidence.
  • Doggie, Doggie, Where's your bone? - The children will be able to learn the song through memory.
  • Hand Dancing: An Intro to Conducting- Students will learn and practice moving their hands to the beat of music (conduct). Through conducting, students can develop an awareness and appreciation of musical beats.
  • Let us sing! - To teach the students through repetetion Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Andy Apple (both age approiate melodies)
  1. Pass the Melody- Students will gain an apreciation and knowledge of melodies by creating and practicing melodies as a class.
  2. Pitch and Performance - Understaning how pitch differences(as opposed to other properties of sound such as duration, volume or timbre)are represented and created in music.
  3. Rythmic Patterns: Imitating the Rythm of Words- Students will examine and repeat the rythmic patterns that are found in words and develop and understanding and apreciation of rythm.
  4. Solfege ( Do - So ) - The student will be able to name the notes, to write the notes and to sing the notes and the important thing is to memorizes the notes.