Division Lesson Plans

Division Theme Tic Tac Toe Division Math


  • Checking Division- Students learn that multiplication is the inverse operation of division.
  • Divisions of Generosity- This lesson uses THE DOORBELL RANG, by Pat Hutchins to teach the concepts of generosity and fairness. Students apply the concept of generosity and fairness to a lesson on division.
  • Double This- Does doubled mean to multiply? Does quotient mean subtraction or division? This activity will provide students practice in changing verbal expression to algebraic equations.
  • Dynamic Divisibility- Students learn the rules of divisibility for the numbers 2,3,5,6,9 and 10. Students use these rules to check large numbers for their divisibility.
  1. Manipulating Formulae...Using Recipes To Understand- The student will develop a tentative understanding of writing and using formulae.
  2. Fact Family Connection- Students explore the relationship of multiplication and division using arrays.
  3. Family at Home- Students write a family of multiplication and division facts on a piece of paper cut in the shape of a house.
  4. Far Out Fact Families- The student explores related multiplication and division facts.
  5. Gearing Up- In mathematics, a ratio is a comparison of two numbers by division. A gear ratio can be expressed as a ratio to solve real-world problems.
  6. Long Division - Students will solve long division problems with whole numbers and/or decimals.
  7. Long division and why it works- The ideas in this division lesson are taken from Multiplication Division 2 ebook.
  8. Making Cents of Division- Students will use pennies as manipulatives to solve simple division problems. They will create division number sentences to correspond with each exercise.
  9. Multiplication & Division Word Problems Made Easy- This lesson helps students determine when to multiply or divide when solving real-world problems. The student will explore why they multiply or divide.
  10. On Target- Students recall division facts.
  11. Roll a Fact- Students will write multiplication and division fact families for two given numbers.
  12. Shopping for Skills- The students will solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals using a grocery flyer from the newspaper. The students will select the appropriate operation to solve specific problems.
  13. What to Do with Leftovers- Students use unifix cubes to explore division with remainders to solve real world story problems.
  14. Which Way Am I Walking?- Students learn the concept of inverses through a real-world example, then relate it specifically to multiplication and division.
  15. Yummy Division- Students divide M&M's into groups and write division sentences to show what they have done.