Public Speaking Lesson Plans

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  • Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website- This website contains five modules that you can use along with your textbook to learn about the process of public speaking and to help you prepare your speeches.
  • Comprehension of dialogue - Students will be comprehend an oral reading and respond to questions following the reading.
  1. Delivering a Persuasive Speech- Students need to understand that how they say something and how they physically present themselves are just as important as what they say. By understanding the dynamics involved in effective persuasive speaking, students will improve their overall confidence in communicating.
  2. Delivering a Persuasive Speech- Demonstrate the appropriate classroom public speaking and listening skills (e.g., body language, articulation, listening to be able to identify specific examples of the speaker's coordination of talking and action) that would be necessary to influence or change someone's mind or way of thinking about a topic.
  3. Effective Speech Writing- Writing speeches consists of a lot more than finding a few inspirational quotes and possibly a funny story or two. The key to writing good speeches lies in using a theme.
  4. Impromptu Speech & Delivery Tips - By learning how to give an impromptu speech and delivering it well will be a valuable skill in any career field.
  5. Interviews- The whole class may take part, or the interviews could be conducted in small groups.
  6. Listening and Speaking Skill - Conversation skills for grocery shopping.
  7. Persuasive Speaking- The student will develop a persuasive argument concerning a serious social, political, or ethical issue that effects our world.
  8. Speaking Non-Sense- This game, called "Speaking Non-Sense," is a great way to get kids' bad speaking habits out of the way, and good ones in!
  9. Succeed in Public Speaking- More tips for speakers.
  10. The Importance of Public Speaking and Dealing With Fear and Anxiety- Students will gain an understanding of why learning public speaking is important.