Lesson Plan : Listening and Speaking Skill

Teacher Name:
 Dahyun Kim
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Conversation skills for grocery shopping.
 grocery, supermarket, bargain, price, food
 Students can comprehend the conversation for shopping and can use common expressions when they shop for their groceries.
 1. Students understand the words and expressions used for shopping when they listen to them. 2. Students can solve the questions asking the information about the conversation they have heard. 3. Students can speak the expressions for shopping in a role-play.
 Computer, Audio machine
 Firstly teacher confirm the condition that students are trained for using computer to their class task. Teacher explains the importance of the conversation for buying something and ask students what kinds of expressions they use for shopping.
 Teacher shows some words and expressions people can use when they shop in a market. Teacher confirm their correspondence on the content and give the additional explanation. Next, students will listen carefully a conversation happened in a market. They listen it again, reflecting the expressions they just learned.
  Students solve the questions about the conversation they heard.
 After the group work, teacher check what each group talked and give feedback on them. Teacher will explain the expressions for shopping based on what students used.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher can check for understanding of students with a role play. Teacher give a situation that can happen in a market to two or three students and they act following the situation. After their action, teacher can see if they understand the expressions and can use it in real context.
 Teacher summarizes what she/he have taught today and give homework, which they need to create a conversation according to various situation like in fish market, book store, or clothing store.
 Teacher check every part she/he had with students like listening, problem solving activity, role play, and etc. Teacher assess if each one did work for students successfully. Here are several factors teacher must check. 1. The students understand clearly when teacher introduce and explain the expressions for shopping. 2. They could can understand the conversation of listening activity and can solve the questions. 3. Students can participate actively in their group task and have more opportunities to communicate with their group members. 4. Students can use the expressions for shopping well in the role-play.
Teacher Reflections:
 After checking all part of lesson, teacher try to find the solution for the problem come up from it and reinforce the good point from it. And the overall assessment will be reflected in next lesson.

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