September Lesson Plans

  1. 30 Days Hath September
  2. How Labor Got Its Day

Start of School Lesson Plans

  1. Back To School Theme
  2. First Day at School
  3. Presentaciones
  4. The Eraser Game
  5. The Star Spangled Banner
  6. Wardrobe Building: What's in Your Closet?
  7. Who Is Who?

Time Saving Lesson Plans

  1. Classroom Labels
  2. Ice Breakers
  3. Teaching Tips That Work Center
  4. Time Savers Worksheets

Fall /Autumn Lessons

  1. Autumn Leaves Are Falling
  2. Autumn Leaves: Where does the color come from?
  3. Community Canned Food Drive (Part 1)

Women of Achievement Month Lesson Plans

  1. Bring Women's History to Life in the Classroom
  2. Closing the Salary Gap
  3. Debating Women's Rights
  4. Married Women's Property Rights
  5. Postwar Troubles
  6. Suffrage: When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome

United States Constitution Week Lesson Plans

  1. Citizenship
  2. Constitutional Amendments Survey

Make Math Count Week Lesson Plans

  1. Learning About Credit Card Use
  2. Math Based Teaching Theme Units
  3. Math Lesson Plans
  4. Order of Operations Bingo
  5. "Photograph Math" Word Problems

Read a Book Day Lesson Plans

  1. Encouraging Student Reading and Literacy

September Teaching Ideas for Your Classroom

Most students return to school in the month of September. What you teach at this time will set the tone for the rest of the year; it will decide how eager your students are to learn with you for the rest of the year. While September does not have the same excitement as December, it is special in its way. This is a great time to start the year with activities that are related to the events that are celebrated this month.

There are numerous things to look forward to in September, and our list of teaching ideas will surely inspire you to liven up your classrooms and motivate your children to learn.

1. Creative Writing Prompts Based on Autumn

A great way of teaching your class to write and be creative are writing prompts that help them welcome the month of Autumn in all its vibrancy. To make the activity more interesting and engaging, have a competition for the best story. This writing activity at the beginning of the year will help you understand your kids' writing capabilities and personalities.

Example of Prompts:

A. What do you like most about the fall season?

B. What is your favorite activity during the fall season?

C. How does the smell of rain make you feel?

2. World Letter Writing Day

The month of September starts with celebrating World Letter Writing Day. It only makes sense to encourage your students to write a letter to their friends or other close ones. Writing a letter will help children in many ways, one of which is being able to reflect and put their feelings and thoughts on paper.

3. Poetry Writing

Autumn is a beautiful month, and there is so much inspiration all around you. Make the most out of it with your skids. Encourage them to take inspiration from the autumnal colors and write poems. You can also plan a day out in some park and give them a list of words they can incorporate into their poems.

4. Forming a Book Club

The start of the new academic year is the perfect time to build positive habits because the energy of students to learn is the highest. Form a book club with them where you collectively discuss the books everyone has read every Friday.

Promoting a book club and the reading habit has many benefits them can avail.

It will help them form a love for literature and a positive attitude toward reading. Additionally, book club meetings will encourage them to be curious and critical. Moreover, it will make space for self-reflection and self-evaluation in students.

Children can quickly get bored as well, so keep your book club meetings precise and exciting.

5. Interview With a Parent or a Teacher

Communication skills are essential in the real world, and it is best if students have the chance to learn them early on. Ask them to conduct research with some parents or teachers. Students can focus on particular topics, for example, who their inspiration in life is. To make this activity more self-reflective, encourage them to write a small paragraph on their findings.

Ask them to talk to the class about what they have learned in this activity. This will allow your class to become more confident individuals who will be able to think for themselves.

6. Autumn Themed Classroom Decorations

All students have an artist inside them; help them explore and unleash this artist early on. Decorating the classroom together will help them learn key skills like teamwork. You can mix creativity with learning by creating informative sections on the bulletin board about the month of September and notable people born in this month. This will help students learn more about these people.

Creative projects

A. Classroom Tree Bulletin Board

B. Autumn leaf art projects

C. Autumnal windows (add small autumn leaves onto the class window)

7. 9/11 Remembrance Day

Have a history lesson with them by honoring the lives that were lost in the attacks of 9/11. Encourage them to be empathetic members of society.

Together with them, explore the artifacts regarding 9/11 and the real-life stories to become more engaged with history.

8. Autumn X Science

The weather is changing, and it is ever so lovely to see the leaves in so many different hues. This is a perfect time for you to teach them about the science of changing colors. Engage in conversations about the autumn flowers and the weather.

A fun activity can be about introducing them to the topic of botany, where you can teach them about the different parts of the plants. Students can also learn the different names of the trees this September.

Through this activity, students can learn about the greenery that is around us, but it will also help students to describe something as well. You can also ask them to observe the changing weather and describe that through journaling.

9. Learning Antonyms and Synonyms

This fun activity will help them build their vocabulary. Print a fun template of antonyms and synonyms and teach your students. This is a good language practice for your students and will help in long-term teaching.

Final Thoughts

The kind of activities that you start the academic year is really important because it keeps your students invested in learning throughout if you make it seem fun. We hope this list of ideas will help you make the most of the first month with your students.