September Lesson Plans

  1. 30 Days Hath September
  2. How Does Fall Work?
  3. How Labor Got Its Day
  4. Monthly Teacher Helpers - September
  5. Only 5 Minutes Left Lesson Series
  6. Only 5 Minutes Left Lessons
  7. September Lesson Series

Start of School Lesson Plans

  1. Back To School Theme
  2. First Day at School
  3. New To School Reading Series
  4. Presentaciones
  5. Something Is New At School? Reading Series
  6. The Eraser Game
  7. The Star Spangled Banner
  8. Wardrobe Building: What's in Your Closet?
  9. Where Did the Summer Go? Reading Series
  10. Who Is Who?

Time Saving Lesson Plans

  1. Classroom Labels
  2. Daily Teacher Helpers Forms Pack
  3. Ice Breakers
  4. School Wide Forms Pack
  5. Student Achievement / Evaluation Forms Pack
  6. Student Forms Pack
  7. Teacher Lesson Forms Pack
  8. Teaching Tips That Work Center
  9. Time Savers Worksheets
  10. Ultimate Teacher Timesavers

Fall /Autumn Lessons

  1. Autumn Leaves Are Falling
  2. Autumn Leaves: Where does the color come from?
  3. Breezing Fall into Your Classroom Tips For Teachers
  4. Community Canned Food Drive (Part 1)
  5. Fall Leaf Watercolors
  6. How Does Fall Work? Reading Series
  7. Signs of the Fall Autumn Season

Women of Achievement Month Lesson Plans

  1. Amelia Earhart and Clara Barton
  2. Billie Jean King, Helen Hayes, and Rosa Parks
  3. Bring Women's History to Life in the Classroom
  4. Closing the Salary Gap
  5. Debating Women's Rights
  6. Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony
  7. Married Women's Property Rights
  8. Postwar Troubles
  9. Sandra O'Connor, McClintock, & Hillary Clinton
  10. Suffrage: When, Where, and Obstacles to Overcome

United States Constitution Week Lesson Plans

  1. Citizenship
  2. Civil Rights & Immigration Lesson Set
  3. Constitutional Amendments Survey
  4. The Bill of Rights & Articles of the Constitution
  5. The Constitution Knows Humans Make Mistakes?
  6. Who Created the Constitution? Lesson Set
  7. What is the Constitution of the United States?

Make Math Count Week Lesson Plans

  1. 101 Awesome K-12 Math Lesson Plans Series
  2. Learning About Credit Card Use
  3. Math Based Teaching Theme Units
  4. Math Lesson Plans
  5. Math Review Collection
  6. Order of Operations Bingo
  7. "Photograph Math" Word Problems
  8. Reading and Creating Coordinate Graphs

Read a Book Day Lesson Plans

  1. Elements of a Story
  2. Encouraging Student Reading and Literacy
  3. K-12 Reading Rubrics
  4. Reading and Writing Lesson Guide: Grade 3 - 5
  5. Reading and Writing Lesson Guide: Grade 6 - 8
  6. Reading andWriting Lesson Guide: Grade 9 - 12