Early Childhood Web Quests

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  • African Animals - We are going on an African Safari. We know that there are many different animals in the world. You and a partner will be Safari tour guides and introduce two animals to the rest of the class. You will become an expert on your chosen animal.
  • Animal ABC Book - You have been asked by the school librarian to create an Animal ABC book. The librarian wants to add your book to the collection of books in the school library.
  • Autumn Apple Picking - We will listen to stories about Autumn and learn new fall words. Come, let�s go enter the apple orchard to begin!
  1. Butterflies - Create your own butterfly!
  2. Butterfly Life Cycle - You will begin to learn about caterpillars in the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. You're going to learn even more about caterpillars including their life cycle.
  3. Our Farm Needs Animals! - Your assignment is to find out what kind of house we need for our animal, and what kind of food we should feed them.
  4. Our Community - Find out how your community is by exploring the different sites, such as hospital, police station, fire station, school, library, and post office.
  5. Photo Story-Your Story - The school year is such a busy time to learn a new way to use a computer. Now that you have a break, consider trying this task that your students will love to do!
  6. Physical Activity and You - Your task is to research the five aspects of health and try to develop a balanced exercise program for someone your age. Try to touch upon all five aspects of health and come up with fun and creative ways to meet the physical activity guidelines for each category.
  7. Sports I Didn't Know - You have been chosen to travel anywhere in the world. You may select your destination based on a specific sport or game that you like or by selecting somewhere in the world you have not been.
  8. Animals of the Rainforest
  9. Aquatic Adventure
  10. Cracking Dams!
  11. Inventors and Inventions: Scavenger Hunt 2
  12. World of Pigs
  13. World of Pigs