Where Does The Money Used To Pay Teachers In The US Come From?

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Teaching is one of the hardest yet most fulfilling professions in the world. Being a teacher requires love, patience and dedication in addition to skills, knowledge and leadership abilities. Unlike any other professions, being a teacher requires a heart - a heart that cares, a heart that is patient, a heart that understands. Many people may hate teachers because of the load of work or assignments they give but at the end of the day, there is appreciation - appreciation that there is someone who is caring enough to teach and guide a person not just in studies and inside the classroom, but in real life as well. One can't say that a teacher does this only for the call of duty. The money he or she gets from teaching is relatively lower than that of the people who chose to serve on another field. But he sticks to it, nevertheless, because of the love he possesses for the profession.

As much as money grows more and more important each day, salaries are becoming of higher significance to teachers, especially to the ones who have been in the industry for many years, as well. This is not something to be wondering about, however, since just like everyone else, teachers are persons too who have necessities to support, and families to provide for. It is true that they should never have to choose between serving the people through their profession and obtaining enough money to support their needs. Teachers deserve to be given the right sustenance and financial support for the quality service they give the Americans, and for the mission they are fulfilling. Salary is a factor which affects the struggle of some schools, particularly the public institutions, in hiring and keeping instructors. Maybe there will be some of the newly graduated teachers who would want to get the job but once they earn enough experience for their resumes or for their own satisfaction, they would, of course, find a more competitive spot - one which would offer a higher salary and which will expose them to a better working environment. Who would want to work and not get paid for it?

But where does the money used to pay teachers in the United States come from anyway?

The truth is that it depends on whether the teacher is working for a private or a public school. If he or she belongs to a public school, the money he receives comes from the government, related and concerned government agencies, and the taxes of the people of the United States. Same goes for all the maintenance crew, cafeteria servants, guards, and all the staff of the school. On the other hand, teachers who work for a private school get their salary from the school itself. The money being paid to them comes from the students. More often than not, teachers who work for private schools get the relatively high salary. Compared to public school teachers, they also get more benefits and advantages. The money comes from the tuition and miscellaneous fees that the students pay, that is why they get just enough salary. In private schools, the students are the ones who adjust to the necessities of the people who work for them, while in public schools, the staff, teachers and janitors are those who adjust to what the government can give them because the students don't pay anything and are studying for free.

Teachers are precious; their influence doesn't end anywhere. If they plan to live on forever, they are sure going to be successful. Salute shall go to the teachers who serve the Americans with enough salary or not, with benefits or none.

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