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Christmas Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some great ways to incorporate Christmas in your class.

  1. Write Santa Claus or close friend.
  2. Design a Christmas list / budget.
  3. Follow the pace of a snoflake.
  4. December holiday geography.
  5. Make the strongest Christmas Ornament.
  6. Where do Christmas trees come from?
  7. Christmas wish tree with handprints.
  8. The UGLY gift thank you exchange.
  9. Map Santa’s route.
  10. School work Christmas carols.

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Winter Season Classroom Activities

Here are some great ways to incorporate Christmas in your class.

  1. Do a tilting Earth project.
  2. Read and make pictures books of the animals in winter.
  3. Build a snowman calculate the amount of water and write a story.
  4. Make snowflakes.
  5. Make cold weather survival kits.
  6. Let's Warm Up or Let's Go! Investigate how animals keep warm in winter?
  7. Find out why they salt the roads.
  8. Do season word associations.
  9. Learn how a thermometer works.
  10. How to get a day off from school! Discover what makes wind, snow, and ice.

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December Holiday Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some great projects and ideas for your December classroom.

  1. A gift or reward exchange.
  2. Map holidays around the world.
  3. A cookie contest.
  4. Make a family recipe book.
  5. Hold a multicultural holiday festival.
  6. Decorate your room.
  7. Holiday greeting country match.
  8. Have student find out how and where their gifts are made.
  9. Graph holiday sales.

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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Our entire staff sat down for this one. Over 500 years of teaching experience! The goal was to create the components of a thanksgiving feast lesson that reinforces as many core curriculum areas as possible. Of course, it has to be a fun and engaging activity for students.

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November Teaching Ideas For K-12 Teachers

November is month to World Kindness Week. How about universal "Thank You" notes?

November is Aviation History Month. Why not have the kids create their own airline. Make it a complete interdisciplinary unit with other teachers involved.

November is Good Nutrition Month. Plan a feast! When you have students plan every little detail you would be surprised at what they will learn. We have 25 people coming, how many pounds of potatoes do we need. Thanksgiving is a fraction experts dream come true!

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