Christmas Lesson Plan Ideas

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December Holiday Workbook Sets | Christmas Word Search

December Teaching Theme

Christmas Pack

There are 25 worksheets in a variety of formats including mazes, math problems, word search, graphic organizers, writing prompts, border paper, spelling, and handwriting.

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Christmas Sets

This language arts workbook provides basic skills activities all focusing on the theme of Christmas. There are word jumble sheets, alphabetizing practice, and reading comprehension sheets.

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Christmas Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some great ways to incorporate Christmas in your class.

1. Write Santa Claus or close friend.

2. Design a Christmas list / budget.

3. Follow the pace of a snoflake.

4. December holiday geography.

5. Make the strongest Christmas Ornament.

6. Where do Christmas trees come from?

7. Christmas wish tree with handprints.

8. The UGLY gift thank you exchange.

9. Map Santa's route.

10. School work Christmas carols.