The Ultimate Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

Our entire staff sat down for this one. Over 500 years of teaching experience! The goal was to create the components of a thanksgiving feast lesson that reinforces as many core curriculum areas as possible. Of course, it has to be a fun and engaging activity for students.

Here is how we would do it:
  1. Make "Thankful" placemats.
  2. Graph of our favorite thanksgiving foods.
  3. Do a nutritional breakdown of the foods.
  4. Nominate and select 5-7 items to have at our feast.
  5. Calculate exactly how much money is needed.
  6. Fundraise, and then re-evaluate how much is needed.
  7. Send invitations.
  8. Teach students how to set a table.
  9. Have students learn to cook.
  10. Learn to say "Thank you!" in 10 languages.


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