Letter W Teaching Terms

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Web browser
See Browser

Individual charged with the responsibility for developing, managing and maintaining an Internet site.

Web page
Hypertext document that include text, images, and hyperlinks.

A collection of web pages organized around one theme or managed by a single organization.

Statistical process of determining a factor for an item to reflect the importance of the item as it relates to other items, e.g. one test item may be "weighted" to count twice as much as any other problem.

Wide area network (WAN)
A collection of local area networks (LANs) connected together over distance via telephone lines and/or radiowaves.

Widening access
Attempts to provide disadvantaged students maximum opportunities to participate in courses; attempts may include modifications of entry requirements or alternative teaching formats.

Word length
Total number of words required for an essay, thesis or written report.

Word Wall
A selected collection of words posted on a wall that is arranged in lists or groups to facilitate students familiarity with common sight words.

Work-based learning
Learning that occurs in work place and is usually completed under the supervision an employee of the company and a instructor connected to an educational institution; examples include co-op programs, student teaching and internships.

Work experience
Skills and knowledge gained from having been employed or during occupation-related assignments.

Work load
The amount of work assigned to a person during a specific time period.

Work placement
Placing students in specific jobs or employment settings to gain work-related knowledge and skills outside of traditional educational institutions.

World Wide Web (WWW, the web)
A sub-portion of the Internet where text, images, and video are accessed; what most people refer to as the Internet.

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