Letter V Teaching Terms

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The degree to which an investigation accurately assesses the specific idea a researcher is investigating.

Fundament beliefs and principles about what is important to a person, professional, or discipline.

Video conference
Discussion between two or more people who can see and hear each other using video equipment and transmissions over telephone lines or the Internet.

Video files
Video and audio images stored in computer files.

Video streaming
Technical process of accessing and viewing a video file directly by a user from a network computer without the need to download the entire file prior to viewing.

Virtual discussion forums
See electronic discussion boards.

Virtual field trip
Simulated field trip completed by visiting sites on the Internet.

Virtual laboratory
Computer-based learning experience where individuals are able to simulate experiments completed in a traditional laboratory.

Virtual learning environments
Computer- and Internet-based learning environments created using websites.

Virtual universities
Institutions of higher education that do not have a physical location but offer courses via online learning.

Vocational courses
Classes focusing on the development of trade or business skills.

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