Letter B Teaching Terms

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This is a measure of the amount of data that can be transmitted over communication or network lines via the Internet. The higher the bandwidth, the great the amount of information that can be transmissed.

A psychological theory that claims all mental states can be reduced to statements of observable behaviors. In learning theory, the claim is all learning is based on a stimulus-response relationship. See Managing Behaviors in Special Education

The process for identifying standards to use in comparison of practices, activities, institutions or equipment; standards my be used to identify minimal levels or for determining relative performances for comparison of subjects.

Errors in statistical sampling or testing that are by favoring some factors over others. Bias reduces the overall validity of research. See also: Halo effect, Reliability, Validity

A listing of works used and/or considered by an author in the preparation of a work. How To Properly Cite References

Possessing knowledge of two languages; typically it refers to a person who can speak and write two languages.

Blended learning
An educational formation the integrates elearning techniques including online delivery of materials through web pages, discussion boards and/or email with traditional teaching methods including lectures, in-person discussions, seminars, or tutorials.

Bloom's taxonomy
A heirachical framework of learing based on three domains - the cognitive, affective and psychomotor; in the cognitive domain there are six levels of knowledge: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. In the affective domain there are five levels: receiving phenomenon, responding to phenomenon, valuing, organizing values, and internalizing values. In the psychomotor domain there are seven levels: perception, readiness to act, guided response, mechanism, complex overt action, adaptation, and origination (the psychomotor levels where not originally completed by Bloom).

Typically used in writing, but is any activity where individuals general ideas related to a topic or task; done in either groups or individually with no restriction on quality of ideas. Once ideas are generation, they are they evaluated and a decision about which to pursue is made.

The program that allows a person to view pictures, text, animations, images, or films over the World Wide Web; it is short of web browser.Browsers include Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Netscap's Navigator, and Mozilla's Firefox.

Bulletin board
Electronic version of a noticeboard; bulletin board programs allow people to leave, read and response to messages and are typically used for interest groups on specific topics and in distance learning courses.

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