Letter S Teaching Terms

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Scaffolded Instruction
Teaching methodology where teachers assist and guide students so that they can complete learning activities they could not do without support.

Self assessment
Assessment completed by the learner him/herself to evaluate his/her own performance, strengths and weaknesses.

Sight Vocabulary
Words an individual can identify immediately without decoding.

Computer instructions or data.

Specified ends of learning all students are expected to attain.

Strategic learning
Learning methodology in which learners adapt their learning style to fit the needs of the assigned task.

Student-centered learning
Educational approach emphasizes the student's responsibility for learning, interacting with teachers and other students, researching, and assessment by focusing on the student's role in these activities.

Study groups
Groups assembled to work together to facilitate learning.

Study skills
Sets of skills associated with an individual's ability to learn, including note taking, time management, and study planning.

A condensed presentation of the main elements of some material intended to highlight the main points.

Summative assessment
Assessment typically completed at the end of a learning period with the aim of providing a final evaluation of individual's mastery of a knowledge or skill.

Surface learning
Learning that emphasizes the memorization of details (rote learning); contrast with deep learning.

Synchronous communication
Communication that occurs in real time between participants who may or may not be in the same location. Contrasted with asynchronous communication.

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