Letter T Teaching Terms

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A classification or ordering into groups.

Team assessment
See group assessment.

Process where individuals engage in a cooperative effort to achieve a common objective.

Written essay of variable length typically completed at the end of a baccalaureate or masters degree program.

Time-constrained assessment
Assessment based on an assignment that must be completed in a specified and limited amount of time, e.g. a timed examination.

Time management
Methods and techniques to ensure one makes the most effect appropriate use of his/her time.

Record of a student's courses and grades earned in those courses

Transfer of learning
Ability to apply knowledge and skills learned in one area to another context or problem.

Transferable skills
Skills possessed by an individuals that can be used in a variety of settings

Effort to make processes and policies visible to outside interested parties, e.g. external examiners, quality control committees, and the general public.

Instructor who provides instruction to one or more students outside of traditional classroom instruction.

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