Letter R Teaching Terms

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The difference between the smallest and largest values in a distribution.

Records of achievement
Written records, either qualitative or quantitative, of a learner's achievement during a period of learning.

Redeemable failure
Situation in which a student does not meet the necessary level but is still allowed to move to the next level.

1) Commonly used source of information on a topic; see also resource.
2) Documentation of sources referred to in a written document.

Activity of a person to consider a past experience or event and the impact it has had.

Reflective practice
Practice of engaging in reflection to identify important elements of past events.

Regional networks
Groups of individuals involved in common area of interest or research who will within a limited geographical area.

Rules, principles, codes, statutes, or laws formulated to control actions or individuals within a designated group.

Process of practicing an action or activity in order to perfect it.

The characteristic that same or similar results can be obtained through repeated experiments or tests.

Remedial teaching
Education activities aimed at removing deficiencies in knowledge or skills.

Formal account of a current state of affairs.

Research skills
Set of abilities related to undertaking research, including strategies and tools for accessing and evaluating information.

Material, either object, person, or location, that can be used to provide information.

A short essay providing a critical commentary of a work.

Role play
Learning process in which participants act out the roles of other individuals in order to develop particular skills and to meet particular learning objectives.

Written instructions or explanation clarifying how individuals should act or respond; see also grading rubric.

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