Letter P Teaching Terms

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Approach or process of teaching.

Peer assessment
Assessment completed by other students or member in the same discipline.

Peer learning
Form of learning in which students are engaged in teaching each other material.

Performance criteria
Written standards used by an evaluator to judge whether an individual can perform a skill or has demonstrated knowledge.

Performance indicators
Behavioral or quantitative measures of the performance of a skill or knowledge.

Personal development plan
Document that identifies the current status and future plan of individual to achieve a personal or professional goal.

Personal tutor
A teacher who provides personal instruction to an individual student.

Sounds of speech.

The connection between symbols and sounds that form the basis of speech.

Any use of the ideas or writings of another person without providing credit to the original author.

Collection of work completed by a person over time to demonstrate abilities and competencies.

Portfolio Assessment
Assessment of a portfolio intended to judge the students development and current state of knowledge and skills.

Positive feedback
Comments intended to highlight positive elements of a person's activities.

Action of submitting a message to a virtual or electronic discussion board.

Poster displays
Demonstration of one's work by placing materials and evidence on a large display for easy viewing by others.

Practical work
Activities completed in a course that are intended to show how theories and general knowledge are applied.

Problem-based learning
See inquiry-based learning.

Process of learning
Stages a learner passes through as they acquire knowledge or skills.

Product of learning
End result of a process of learning; what one has learned.

The movement from one educational stage or developmental level to another.

Psychomotor domain
The physical aspect or muscular activity of experience or learning.

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