Letter I Teaching Terms

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Small pictures on computer screens that typically will access a program or function when activated by clicking with a mouse.

Independent learning
Learning completed by an individual without the assistance of an instructor.

Independent Reading
Activity of students reading material on their own.

Individual differences
Unique characteristics of individuals that have an impact on how they learn.

Information technology (IT)
Classification of work focusing on the management and processing of information using technology through databases, computer technology, or other means.

Initiation phase
In a lesson, this is the opening stage where the instructor begins the lesson.

Inquiry-based learning
Learning methodology where students are presented a problem to solve using knowledge and skills they have acquired or need to develop.

Instant messaging
A form of text communication where an individual types and sends the text to a user on another computer.

Instructional design
A process for systematically creating instructional materials and learning activities based on the goals of the instruction and the needs of the learners.

Instructional support
Resources provided to learners to facilitate the learning process

Intellectual property rights
Legal rights a person has to ideas they have created using their own minds

Interactive methods
In education, these are methods that have learners communicate with others or interact with some form of technology to receive feedback upon completing a task.

Interactive Writing
Activity where the instructor assists groups of students compose and write text together.

Interest groups
Associations of individuals who share sharing a common goal and work to promote their common interest.

The name of the global network of computers accessed worldwide by individuals, businesses, education institutions, and government agencies.

Internet service provider (ISP)
A company that provides access to the Internet either via phone lines, cable television lines, or satellite connections.

The characteristic of of software and hardware to function on multiple machines.

A computer network that is accessible only be individuals within a particular organization.

Ipsative assessment
Assessment based on comparison of an individual's current performance with the individual's past performance.

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