Letter O Teaching Terms

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Objective tests
Test based on answers that require students demonstrate a knowledge or skill exactly with no opportunity for judgment by the evaluator.

Goals or aims of learning activity or lesson.

Ability to remove personal feelings or presuppositions in assessing learning or other areas.

Online learning
Educational environment that exists in cyberspace using communications tools such as email, chatrooms readings on the Internet, and/or video conferencing.

Open book examination
Examination format that allows to access resource materials while completing the examination.

Open learning
Learning environment that has no formal requirements for admission. See also flexible learning

Open learning materials
Materials prepared for and open learning environment.

Open-ended questions
Questions that do not have predetermined answers and allow the responder to develop a unique, personal response.

Optical mark reader (OMR)
Computer device for reading examinations completed by students who fill in boxes with their responses.

Oral skills
Skill set related to speech.

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