Letter L Teaching Terms

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Laboratory based education
Educational format in which learners complete experiments in a laboratory in order to learn experimental methods or test hypotheses they are studying.

Lateral thinking
Attempting to solve a problem by using non-traditional methods in order to create and identify new concepts and ideas.

Learning and teaching strategy
Methodology and assumptions an instructor uses to ensure learning occurs.

Learning Centers
Designated classroom areas where students engage in specific activities to facilitate learning skills or knowledge; students typically work in learning centers without direct oversight by the instructor.

Learning contract
Agreement reached between instructor and student regarding the objectives to be reached in a particular learning period or activity.

Learning groups
Groups of individuals who work together on a specific task.

Learning environment
The place and setting where learning occurs; it is not limited to a physical classroom an includes the characteristics of the setting.

Learning logs
Recordings of the progress made by a learner with regards to acquiring a knowledge or skill.

Learning object
Item one is to learn from a learning activity or lesson.

Learning objectives
See Objectives.

Learning outcomes
Statements indicating the end result for a learner following a learning activity; usually stated in what a person can observe the learner do at the end of a learning activity.

Learning styles
The various preferences and methods employed by learners in the process of learning.

Lifelong learning
Idea that learning can and does occur beyond the formal structure of an educational institution and occurs throughout one's lifetime

Computer program that automatically distribute an e-mail message to individuals who are part of a list; messages can usually only be sent or received by members of the list.

Local area network (LAN)
Network of computers covering a small area, typically a building or group of buildings.

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