Letter M Teaching Terms

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Managed Learning Environments (MLE)
A system, typically computer-based, for organizing and evaluating information related to an educational endeavor, including the lessons, learning activities, and evaluations.

Mapping competence
Ability to organize and present information in a visual representation.

1) Mass communication enterprises including print (newspapers, magazines) or broadcast (radio, television)
2) Individuals employed in the communications industry.

Adviser to a learner.

Activity of advising and guiding a person through some task.

Statistical procedure for integrating the results of different studies.

Ability to reflect on one's own thinking and learning.

Higher-order ability to acquired and use competencies well in a variety of situations.

Higher-order skill that allows other skills to be used and developed.

Minimal competencies
Lowest level of knowledge or skill necessary for engaging in a task or admittance into a program; see also competencies.

Mission statement
Statement articulation the primary aims of a group or institution.

Model answers
Samples of exemplary answers to questions or essays. Modular studies Program of study build on a set of modules.

Teaching process that splits material or courses into modules to allow students flexibility in selecting modules to create a program of study

A separate unit or selection of material that forms a coherent whole, but may be combined with other units.

Monitoring achievement
Tracking students' progress towards achieving a learning goal.

Motivational context
The attempt to provide a setting where students are motivated to learn; can be achieved in various ways such as encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, being involved in selecting the topics for learning, or planning a lesson.

MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) (em-peg)
1) Standard format for compressing and storing digital video and audio.
2) Any file using the MPEG format.

Multiple Choice Questions
Test format where students are provided several possible answers and must identify the best possible answer

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