Letter F Teaching Terms

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Individual who assists others in a learning process but does not act as a the primary source of knowledge; the facilitator acts as a guide in during individual or group learning activities.

Responses provided to an individual while completing a task that are intended to guide the individual to s desired end.

Field work
1) Learning activities completed in real life settings as opposed to the classroom
2) Process of data collection that requires researcher to leave the primary place of work.

Final Assessment
See summative assessment.

Flexible learning
Format of education where students are allowed to determine their own time for study and the topic(s) they will examine.

Schematic graphical representation of a sequence of operations, often used to illustrate a particular process.

Ability to read text or converse with others accurately and quickly.

Formative assessment
Assessment used to identify an individuals current strengths and weaknesses relative to a knowledge or skill with the intention of improving one's knowledge or skill.

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