Letter E Teaching Terms

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Economies of scale
Attempts to reduce costs by increasing the number of items produced and sold or reducing the number of competing institutions.

Educational software
Software designed to facilitate teaching and learning.

Learning activities based on any electronic format.

Electronic discussion board
Computer discussion area where individuals can post messages and other individuals will respond at a later time.

Electronic mail (E-mail)
A form of messages delivered over a network of communications computers; typically these messages are text but may include images and hyperlinks.

Employability skills
Skills that are essential and transferable to a variety of situations and are necessary for an individual to function in the 21st century workplace.

Emergent Literacy
The developing knowledge a child possesses of words and text that is gained prior to the onset of formal instruction.

English Language Learners
A student who speaks one or more languages other than English and is developing proficiency in English.

A short written work on a topic.

Process of assessing work completed by an individual, group, or institution with the aim of determining whether the individual, group, or institution has meet predetermined standards.

Information offered to support a conclusion or judgment.

Problem, task or other activity aimed at developing or improving a person's skill or knowledge.

Experiential learning
Learning based on experience.

External examiners
Individuals from an outside institution who evaluate and verify that an institution has met predefined standards, often to act as a quality control mechanism.

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