Educational SoftwareUnit Converter

License: Freeware Version 5.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 153 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Manu Mital

"Unit Converter is a freeware tool that can take care of all your unit conversions even when offline. It has an easy-to-use interface and contains most of the units commonly encountered while solving engineering problems. With more than 400 units, you are likely to find the units you are looking for. Other features include the ability to add user-defined conversions. Everything is built into a single executable file so no uninstaller is necessary. Its small file size makes it easy to distribute among friends and co-workers."

Educational SoftwareGraphCalc

License: Freeware Version 4.0.1
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 842 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: GraphCalc

"GraphCalc allows you to create, display, and modify 2D and 3D equations. You can modify and display up to six equations, change the range and resolution of the plotted graphs, and manipulate the axis and tick marks to allow easy analysis of the drawn graphs. This program has four different render modes and two different shading models, providing the flexibility necessary to make the most of your graphs through utilization of OpenGL. ToolTips are attached to every button, giving you a brief description of what the button does."

Educational SoftwareFlashcards

License: Freeware Version 2.4
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,800K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Ralph Wilson

"It's a simple flashcard program that covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can select any one of the operations to practice on, or have the program mix them up. Facts up to 10 or 12 are selectable. A four minute timer runs in the background, and a count of correct/incorrect answers is displayed."

Educational SoftwareHungry Frog Freeware Arcade Math Game

License: Freeware Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 840K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Science Education Software Inc.

A FREE, entertaining Hungry Frog arcade game that teaches algebra in a multimedia framework! It's great for kids and teachers or anyone who has basic knowledge of algebra. It's fun to use!

Educational SoftwareFormulaWizz

License: Freeware Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 2,213K
Program's Home Page Publisher: FormulaWizz

This is a FREE advanced Formula computation Web Search Tool that covers frequently used formulae in the categories of Math, Physics, Electrical/Electronics, and Mechanics. In addition, it allows you to query the top 22 search engines on the web to help you find additonal topics.

Educational SoftwareFamily Bank

License: Shareware ($49.95) Version 4.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 20,600K
Program's Home Page Publisher: ParentWare

"Kid's allowance program. Teaches children to spend wisely, save regularly and avoid debt. Includes Autodeposit, Savings, Loans and Chores modules. Register tracks spending and displays pie charts. Educationally sound award winner. Listed by Jump$tart Coalition and the American Banker's Association. The only software selected as a finalist in 2002 New Enterprise Competition (Resource Forum). Suitable for children 6-16. The program includes a set of guidelines for parents, and comes with a library of screen animations that show all key features. . .learning to use it is a snap. The child's interface to the program is simple and efficient. Download includes a library of inspirational quotes and photos."

Educational SoftwareDreamCalc

License: Shareware ($19.99) Version 3.2.1
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 3,020 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Big Angry Dog

"DreamCalc provides an alternative to using a handheld graphing calculator when you're working on your PC. It runs alongside your other applications, allowing you to copy values, lists, expressions, and graphs. With DreamCalc, you'll feel like you're using a real calculator. DreamCalc offers algebraic and RPN inputs, function graphing, statistics and statistical charts, complex numbers, base-n calculations, conversions and constants, date calculations, multiple memories, and a polynomial solver (for any order). "

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