Educational SoftwareGeo

License: Freeware Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 751.7K
  Publisher: Gustin Enterprises

Geo is a game designed to complement geometry classes. This program provides a fun environment for learning needed geometry skills. The content focuses on circles, chords, secants, and tangents.

Educational SoftwareMath Compass

License: 31-Day Trial Version 6.1
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 2,710 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Skyblocks

"Math Compass helps children learn general math through flash-card style practice with flexible settings to accommodate students at any level. It includes 4 games (Missing Number, Missing Operation, Time Trial, and Head-to-Head), tutorials for each operation, a real time report that can be output to an html file, a printable worksheet generator, a test mode that allows teachers/parents to pre-program the drill settings."

Educational SoftwareAnimated Arithmetic

License: Shareware ($19.00) Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 6,470K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Flix Productions

"Teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for children from 1st through 4th grades. It provides exercises in addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. Problems can involve up to 9 digits. Puzzle and maze games are used for rewards."

Educational SoftwareGraph

License: Freeware Version 2.3.1
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,800K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Ivan Johansen

"This program is for drawing graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system. Graphs may be added with different color and line styles. Both standard functions and parameter functions are supported. It is possible to evaluate a function at an entered point or tracing the function with the mouse. It is now possible to add shadings to functions, and series of points to the coordinate system. Trendlines may be added to point series."

Educational SoftwareAgeCalc

License: 30-Day Trial Version 2.0
For: Win 95/98/Me0/XP Size: 2,390 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Vividus Software

"This program calculates the exact period between variable start and end dates. This gives a person's exact age on a given date or exact date intervals for legal or other purposes. Results can be displayed as years-months-days, months-days or days only. Dates checked and the results are retained by the history function and can be printed. US, UK, and international date formats are supported."

Educational SoftwareAlgeXpansion

License: Shareware ($12.00) Version 2.0
For: Win 98/Me/NT/2000/XP Size: 3,810 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: EleMaths Software

"Software for the teaching and learning of expansion of algebraic factors. Includes factors like (x + 3)(2x - 5) or (3x - 7)(x^2 + 3x - 8). Also includes formulas for perfect squares and difference of two squares. Systematic practice of the method to ensure that learners do not make careless mistakes. Diagrams are provided to help students understand the concepts better. Can generate hundreds of sums for drills (up to 200 per session). A new session will generate new sums. Students can key in their own sums and let the interactive guide help them do their homework. It marks automatically and can print a detailed report after each session."

Educational SoftwareDreamCalc

License: Freeware Version 1.2.1
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,150K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Andy Thomas

"'DreamCalc is the de facto standard photo realistic scientific calculator for Windows. What's more it's free! It is the only choice, which allows you to throw away your existing desk calculator. Fully featured and naturally convenient to use. Supports natural fractions, extended trigonometry, conversions between metric and US or Imperial measures, scientific constants, optional true order mode, engineering, and base-n modes."

Educational SoftwareYour Math Buddy- General Math

License: Shareware ($19.99) Version 2.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 13K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Sawmill Software

"Your Math Buddy, the brand new fun software designed to make learning mathematics easy and fun! The software was designed and developed to help students who are struggling with mathematics and want to see an improvement in their performance. Currently, the software presents addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division."

Educational SoftwareAepryus Graph

License: Shareware ($30.00) Version 1.0
For: Windows 95' to Windows 7 Size: 1,430 K
Program's Home Page Publisher: Aepryus Software

"Aepryus Graph 1.0 is a function plotting application. The goal of AepGraph is to provide a relatively small, quick and easy to use interface which allows for the clean, clear and accurate graphical representation of as wide a body of functions as possible.

Both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional plots are possible. 2D plots can be in either Cartesian or polar coordinates. It is possible to automatically plot a function's derivative along with the function. (The derivative is calculated numerically) 3D plots can be in either Cartesian, cylindrical or spherical coordinates. Surface plots can be solid or not and if solid they can be shaded or not. "

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