Religions of the World Lesson Series

- Superb Lesson Series
- Customs, Symbols, and History

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Ultimate December Holidays Around the World

- Teachers Love This One!
- Why Do We Have Them?

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Printable World Religions Worksheets

The Washington Post recently reported that ninety-two percent of Americans believe in a god or a universal spirit. More than half of those polled pray at least once a day. A recent report cited that twenty-one major (at least 500,000 known followers) religious faiths exist in the world. This set of worksheets helps students learn more about them.

  1. December Holiday Worksheets
  2. Religions of the World Lesson Series
  3. World Religions Acrostic Poem
  4. World Religions Crossword Puzzle
  5. World Religions Crossword Answers
  6. World Religions Multiple Choice 1
  7. World Religions Multiple Choice 2
  8. World Religions Multiple Choice Answers
  9. World Religions Secret Decoder
  10. World Religions Secret Decoder Answers
  11. World Religions Spiral Puzzle
  12. World Religions Spiral Puzzle Answer
  13. World Religions Vocabulary Words
  14. World Religions Vocabulary Quiz
  15. World Religions Vocabulary Quiz Answers
  16. World Religions Venn Diagram
  17. World Religions Word Scramble
  18. World Religions Word Scramble Answers
  19. World Religions Word Search

Christmas Theme Workbook

- Reading Comprehension
- Writing Skills

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Hanukkah Theme Workbook

- Mini Quests
- Skill Builders

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