Bell and Edison

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison

- The Telephone and Light Bulb
- Awesome Series

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Franklin and Ford

Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford

- Key Innovators
- Reading Skills

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Inventors and Their Invention Worksheets Listed By Specific Topic Area

In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell developed the first telephone. This is seen as the single most important invention in human history. Now just under 150 years later you are reading information thousands of miles from your location in seconds. Inventors are the people who make Science Fiction a reality. We look at those visionaries and world changers in this set of printable worksheets.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It!
  3. Cryptogram
  4. Do The Research!
  5. Group Creative Writing
  6. I Can Live Without It!
  7. If I Were A.... ?
  8. Invention Timeline
  9. Inventor Biography Worksheet
  10. KWL
  11. Maze
  12. Reading Comprehension
  13. Then and Now...
  14. Vocabulary Quiz
  15. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  16. What's In A Name?
  17. Word Chop
  18. Word Search

Inventor Teacher Resources

  1. Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison
  2. Biro, Ginsburg, & Eli Whitney
  3. Benjamin Franklin & Henry Ford
  4. Johannes Gutenberg, Samuel Morse & The Wright Brothers
  5. Inventors, Inventions Teaching Theme
  6. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  7. Application of the Scientific Method
Wright Brothers

Gutenberg, Morse and The Wright Brothers

- Worksheet Series
- Lesson Sets

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Biro, Ginsburg and Eli Whitney

- The Cotton Gin, Pen and Camera
- Thank These Guys

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Influential Scientists

  1. Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton
  2. Paul Dirac, Emil Fischer, Louis Pasteur
  3. Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei
  4. Edwin Hubble, Johannes Kepler, & James Clerk Maxwell

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