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Printable Student Research Skills Worksheets

These worksheets are great for working on library and media skills. In order to complete these printables students will need to intensely research the topics independently. It is also a great idea to have them properly cite the references that they use.

Research Skills Worksheets Related To History and Social Studies

  1. Abolition of slavery in America
  2. Adolph Hitler becomes dictator after coup
  3. America buys Alaska
  4. American Constitution Drafted
  5. Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  6. Berlin Wall built between East and West Germany
  7. "Bloody Sunday" massacre in Ireland
  8. Civil Rights Act passed in US
  9. Cleopatra becomes Queen of Egypt
  10. End of Crusades (Tenth) with defeat of Muslims in Israel
  11. Great Wall of China Is Built
  12. Henry Ford designs first mass-produced cars
  13. Ivan IV (the Terrible) crowned Tsar of Russia
  14. Julius Caesar becomes Roman Leader
  15. Joan of Arc burnt at stake after military campaigns against England
  16. John Cabot lands in Canada
  17. King John forced to sign Magna Carta
  18. Last major eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily
  19. Macbeth becomes king of Scotland
  20. Napoleon sells Louisiana to America
  21. Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal
  22. Poland and Lithuania unite
  23. Portugal achieves independence from Spain
  24. Portuguese travelers discover Congo River
  25. Reformist John Calvin regains authority in Geneva
  26. Republic of Rome Declared
  27. Teutonic Knights established in Prussia
  28. The Boston Tea Party
  29. Treaty of Paris
  30. Witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts

Research Skills Worksheets For Grade 3 to 6 Students

  1. Do The Research Worksheet 1
  2. Do The Research Worksheet 2
  3. Do The Research Worksheet 3

Research Skills Worksheets For Middle School Students

  1. Do The Research Worksheet 1
  2. Do The Research Worksheet 2
  3. Do The Research Worksheet 3
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