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Word Problem Worksheets

We feature a series of word problems from beginner to more advanced. You will now find grade leveled problems in sets and skill based word problems as well.

Mixed Skills

Grade Leveled Word Problems

5 Steps to Solving All Word Problems
A basic overview for students.

Grade 1 Version 1
Addition problems.

Word Problem Worksheet Basic 1
We use very basic numbers to work on all operations.

Grade 1 Version 2
Subtraction is the focus.
Basic 2
Common scenarios that most kids will run into at some point.
Grade 1 Version 3
A good mix of adding and subtracting.
Basic 3
Mostly simple addition and subtraction on these.
Grade 1 Version 4
We add multiple steps in this version.
Basic 4
We break out the multiple choice problems for this 2 pager.

Grade 2 Version 1
You really have to read these problems carefully.

Easter Related Word Problems 5
All problems are related to the bunny and jelly beans.
Grade 2 Version 2
Classic problems for any student who participates in afterschool activities.
Money Related Word Problem Basic 6
All are currency related, even the last political question.
Grade 2 Version 3
Mostly addition and subtracting.
Long Reading Word Problems 7
These problems test your reading endurance.
Grade 2 Version 4
These are long sentences. A minimum of 3 for each question.
Basic 8
Includes fractions, basic operations, and story dissection.

Grade 3 Version 1
These problems begins to incorporate multiplication.

Time Related Word Problems 9
Includes all forms of time from differences to time as a unit of measure.
Grade 3 Version 2
Our first meeting with division in the sense of sharing.
Basic 10
These problems are a fun read. They include percentages and measurement.
Grade 3 Version 3
We start using all base operations.

Basic: Flower
All problems are related to the flower industry. In a fun way of course!

Grade 3 Version 4
Measurement start to be used more often.

Intermediate 1
Incorporates percentage, fractions, and ounces.

Grade 4 Version 1
We work with multi-digit whole numbers.

Intermediate 2
Some of these questions will need to be drawn out to totally understand.
Grade 4 Version 2
Ordering and equivalence of fractions.
Intermediate 3
Students should now be more comfortable with larger number sets.
Grade 4 Version 3
Starting to include more abstract forms of notation.

Basic Word Problems Workbook
30 pages of problems for you. Each page has a unique theme.

Grade 4 Version 4
This set asks students to make sense of a string of odd number set.


Addition Word Problems

Basic Word Problems Series

- Build Skill Sets
- Challenge Students

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Holiday Word Problems Pack

- Over 100 Pages
- All Grade Levels

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K-12 Word Problem Series
Step by Step walk throughs for students.

Grade 5 Version 1
We work on patterns a bit.

K-12 Math Rubric Collection
30 pages of rubrics to help you assess any math assignment you can think of.
Grade 5 Version 2
The operations get a bit harder to work with.
Ultimate Holiday Word Problems Pack
106 pages of holiday word problems.
Grade 5 Version 3
We include statistics and patterns in this set.
Problem Solving Workbook 1
35 printable pages that focus on the one of four areas: basic calculations, time, mileage, or money.
Grade 5 Version 4
This page turns up the heat. We introduce a number of critical thinking exercises.

High School Word Problems Pack
Perfect for grade levels 9 to 12.

Grade 6 Version 1
The sixth grade starts out as a spiral review of previous work.

Word Problems Workbook- Addition
Focus on a single skill.
Grade 6 Version 2
This page can trick many people. Especially number 3 and 5.
Word Problems Workbook- Division
Great for repetition.
Grade 6 Version 3
When I first saw this, I thought it was a a lower grade level, but it is aligned.
Word Problems- Multiple Math Skills
Covers a wide range of math skills.
Grade 6 Version 4
Common everyday problems that we will see often.
Word Problems Workbook- Multiplication
30 pages of product based problems.

Grade 7 Version 1
A really good mixture of question types and topics.

Word Problems Workbook- Subtraction
Aligned directly to the core standards.
Grade 7 Version 2
We settle in with some fractions, percentages and recipes.
Grade 7 Version 3
We recommend drawing out each scenario to truly grasp the problem.

Skill Focused Word Problems

Grade 7 Version 4
These problems mirror questions found on a recent standard assessment.

Grade 8 Version 1
Mostly focuses in money word problems.

Grade 8 Version 2
Just about every word based skill is tested here.
Grade 8 Version 3
Makes for a wonderful year end review.
Grade 8 Version 4
The problems are a bit length to read and complete here.

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