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Introduction to Fractions

These are your very basic sheets to help explain what a fraction is and how it can be modeled. Please note that if you are looking for answer sheets, they are found in our members area on fractions.

Basic Operations With Fractions

This set of sheets help students understand how to add, subtract, divide, and multiply fractions. We have recently sorted all worksheets by operations. You will now find basic fraction sheets and mixed number sheets together. Make sure to check out our Awesome fraction worksheet maker and complete top to bottom fraction curriculum.

Fraction Addition

We work solely on sums in this section. We use visuals in the forms of models.

Fraction Subtraction

Fractions Multiplication

Fraction Division

Rewriting Fractions Worksheets

This is an advanced skill. Students have to take operations into account with exponents. Remember the "E" in PEMDAS stands for exponents.

  1. Missing Numerator or Denominator Worksheet 1
  2. Worksheet 2
  3. Worksheet 3
  4. Worksheet 4
  5. Worksheet 5
  6. Writing Fractions Workbook 1
  7. Writing Fractions Workbook 2
Start Fractions

Fraction Starter Pack

- Fraction Operations
- Applications of Fractions

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End Fractions

Advanced Fraction Pack

- Exploring Mixed Numbers
- Evaluation

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Common Multiple and Factors Worksheets

  1. Greatest Common Factors Worksheet 1
  2. Worksheet 2
  3. Worksheet 3
  4. Greatest Common Factors Answer Key
  5. Least Common Multiples Worksheet 1
  6. Worksheet 2
  7. Worksheet 3
  8. Least Common Multiples Answer Key

Comparing and Converting Decimals and Fractions

Decimals and fractions are often used at all levels. These sheets will really help students gauge where they fall when presented with both forms of a number.

  1. Comparing Decimals & Fractions Worksheet 1
  2. Version 2
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4
  5. Version 5
  6. Converting Fractions To Decimals Worksheet 1
  7. Version 2
  8. Version 3
  9. Converting Decimals To Fractions Version 1
  10. Version 2
  11. Version 3
  12. Fraction to Decimal Conversion Vol. 3

Writing Mixed Numbers From Fractions

You are provide with a random denominator and numerator and then you are asked to convert the fraction to a mixed number.

  1. Mixed Numbers Worksheet 1
  2. Version 2
  3. Version 3
  4. Version 4
  5. Version 5
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Fraction Maker

Fraction Worksheet Maker

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