Descriptive Writing Guide

- Guided Practice
- Awesome Checklists

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Starters 1

Writing Starters: Volume 1

- Creative Writing
- Real-to-Life

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Step-by-step Forms of Poetry Worksheets

Each of these sheets are two pages. We first walk you through writing a poem in a certain style and then we prompt you through writing your own poem in this format.

Writing Acrostic Poetry - This form of poetry takes the very letters of a word or phrase and prompts you to write sentences that are both themed to the word or phrase and contain the letter(s) you are working with.

Alphabet Poetry - This format uses the letters of the alphabet in order. Great birthday idea for you on this one too.

Autobiographical Poetry - Write about yourself and be critical.

Writing Ballads - Usually written in singing format, they can really make the classroom a fun place.

Cinquain Poetry - This is a very standardized format that math oriented people like, for some reason.

Color Poetry - Express all your senses when using this format.

Diamante Poetry - When I was a kid, the teacher introduced this poem format as the style that is shaped like a "woman's best friend". I remember thinking, "How does she know my dog Cody?"

Epitaph Poetry - Take a sad art and give it a little bit of life.

Explorer Poetry - Yes, this is part of the core curriculum. That caught us by surprise too.

Writing Haiku - A traditionally short format. Originating from Japan.

I Wish Poetry - Everything in this one starts with "I wish..."

Lie Poetry - These are awesome! I love to read what the kids come up with.

Limericks - Often very funny. Many kids have fun with these.

Monster Poems - Write about that monster under your bed or in your closet.

Rhyming Poetry - It's Rhyme time! Fun by the ton!

Shape (Or Concrete) Poems - Just knowing they need to create a shape, kids go the extra mile for this style of poetry.

Third Eye Poems - These poems are so fun, but hard for students to get a handle on quickly.

Science Acrostic Poem Worksheets

Students write acrostic poems that related to Science.
  1. Animals
  2. Cells
  3. Dinosaurs
  4. Elements, Compounds, And Mixtures
  5. Environment
  6. Food / Nutrition
  7. Forces Of Nature
  8. Human Body
  9. Inventors/Invention
  10. Magnets and Electricity
  11. Oceans
  12. Planet Earth
  13. Plants
  14. Rainforest
  15. Space
  16. Volcanoes

Narrative Writing Guide

- Focused Skills Guided
- Plenty of Practice

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K-12 Writing Rubrics

- Many to Choose From
- Grade Them Quick.

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Social Studies Acrostic Poem Worksheets

Here you will find a wide variety of Social Studies and Holiday related Poems.
  1. American Civil War
  2. American Revolution
  3. Ancient Egypt
  4. Ancient Rome
  5. Colonial America
  6. Community Helpers
  7. Elections & Voting
  8. Halloween
  9. Holocaust
  10. Industrial Revolution
  11. Native American
  12. U.S. Constitution
  13. U.S. Presidents
  14. Thanksgiving
  15. Veterans Day
  16. Slavery
  17. Westward Expansion
  18. Winter

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