Ultimate Phonics Series

- Complete Curriculum
- Great Reading Habits.

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Phonics Skills Workbook

- Constant Blends
- Vowels and Silent Letters

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Sounds and Vowels Worksheets

Coloring Activity

You color the long and short vowels as you find them in the drawing. Practice sheets for working on long and short sounds. We integrate vowels with all of the exercises.

Word Beginning and Ending Worksheets

Students work on starting and finishing words.

  1. Beginning Sounds (bl-, ca-, ne)
  2. Beginning Word Sounds (fo-, gl-, ha-)
  3. The Beginning Sounds of Words (la-, pl-, sh-)
  4. The Beginning Sounds of Words (sl-, sp-, st-) (No Word List)
  5. Beginning Sounds Quiz: Circle Letters
  6. Beginning Sounds Quiz: Initials
  7. Word Endings (-mp, -nd, -sk)
  8. Word Endings (-mp, -nd, -st)
  9. Matching the Ending of Words ( -ck, -ok)

Vowel Sound Identification

Using Specific Vowels

We work with long and short vowel sounds in a diverse and meaningful way.

Complete Vowel Vocabulary Sets

Everything you need to master and to teach vowel sounds. All aligned to the core curriculum.

  1. Long a words
  2. Long e words
  3. Long i words
  4. Long o words
  5. Long u words
  6. Short a words
  7. Short e words
  8. Short i words
  9. Short o words
  10. Short u words

Read and Draw Word Sounds

This set has you read and say words allowed and then determine matching words from pictures that you are provided with.

Sounds That Consonant and Consonant-Vowel Pairs Make

We work with letter pairs and look at how the sounds are transformed by adding mixtures of letters and roots.

  1. The Sounds of A, B, C. and D
  2. The Sounds of ar and ea
  3. The Sounds of e, f, g, and h
  4. Working With the Sounds of i, j, k, and l
  5. The Sounds made by: qu, r, s, and t
  6. The th and ee Sounds Worksheet
  7. The Sounds Made By the Letters: u, v, w, x
  8. Sounds stuck At the End of the Alphabet: y and z
Word Family

Word Families Set

- Word Chunks
- Word Family Library

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Long Vowels, Compound Words, &Contractions

- A Break Through
- Really exciting!

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Phonics Workbook Exercises

Here are a number of high quality workbooks to fill your phonics curriculum.

  1. A Model Lesson Plan for Teaching Phonics
  2. Letter and Sound Recognition Workbook
  3. Long Vowels, Compound Words, & Contractions
  4. Phonics Assorted Skills Workbook
  5. Phonics Assorted Skills, Volume 2 Workbook
  6. Phonics Assorted Skills, Volume 3 Workbook
  7. Phonics Assorted Skills, Volume 4 Workbook
  8. Phonics Consonant Blends and H Digraphs Workbook
  9. Initial Consonant Blends
  10. Phonics Lesson Plans
  11. Short Vowels Review
  12. Short Vowels & Double Consonants
  13. Word Families Workbook

Complete Lesson Sets

We feature a huge number vocabulary building lessons and worksheets.

  1. Pre-Kindergarten Vocabulary Words
  2. Kindergarten Vocabulary Words
  3. First Grade Vocabulary Words
  4. Second Grade Vocabulary Words
  5. Third Grade Vocabulary Words
  6. Most Common Nouns Vocabulary Words
  7. Most Common Verbs Vocabulary Words
  8. Most Common Adjectives Vocabulary Words
  9. Most Common Adverbs Vocabulary Words
  10. The 100 Most Often Misspelled Vocabulary Words For Grade 3-8
  11. The 100 Most Often Misspelled English Words
  12. The 100 Most Often Used Science Vocabulary Words
  13. The 100 Most Often Used Social Studies Vocabulary Words

Blend Worksheet & Lesson Library

No one covers blends more thoroughly. Let us know if we missed anything. Over 800 blend printables in all.

  1. bl- Blend Words
  2. br- Blend Words
  3. ch- Blend Words
  4. cl- Blend Words
  5. cr- Blend Words
  6. dr- Blend Words
  7. fl- Blend Words
  8. fr- Blend Words
  9. gl- Blend Words
  10. gr- Blend Words
  11. pl- Blend Words
  12. pr- Blend Words
  13. scr- Blend Words
  14. sh- Blend Words
  15. shr- Blend Words
  16. sl- Blend Words
  17. sm- Blend Words
  18. spl- Blend Words
  19. spr- Blend Words
  20. squ- Blend Words
  21. st- Blend Words
  22. str- Blend Words
  23. th- Blend Words
  24. thr- Blend Words

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