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Civil Rights and Immigration

These 30 worksheets focus on themes related to civil rights and immigration. Each one has a short reading passage and then 8 questions about the passage.

November Monthly Helpers

This workbook has 25 worksheets related to events and days in Thanksgiving. There are a variety of formats including poetry worksheets, paragraph writing and editing, and other language skills.

10 Fun Election Activity Ideas
Here are some additional ideas for activities. We tend to talk about the more unique ideas.
  1. Write a Help Wanted Ad for President.
  2. Examine Campaign Slogans.
  3. Create a Candidates Views on Issues Checklist.
  4. Mock Voter Registration/Election.
  5. Run a complete mock campaign.
  6. Write the perfect President's Resume.
  7. Create Political Cartoons on Issues.
  8. Examine current polls and how polls change.
  9. Determine the biggest 3 issues to your class.
  10. Campaign Ad Critiques.

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