Turkey Teacher Guide To Valentine's Day

February 14th is known as the most romantic day of the year. It is known as Saint Valentine's Day, or Valentine's day for short. It is usually celebrated by giving someone you care about something special. This could be a card, candy, lingerie, stuffed animal, or jewelry. It is a fun and exciting day, but not many people know the history behind Valentines Day.

Believe it or not, Valentine's Day was not made up in order to have people buy more flowers and presents a month and a half after Christmas. Valentine's Day is actually a Christian Holiday called Saint Valentine's Day. By celebrating it we are following an ancient Christian and Roman Catholic Holiday.


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So how did Valentine's Day come to be? This is a mystery wrapped in a riddle. There are several legends that are in contention for the explanation.

The first legend is set in the third century there was a priest by the name of Valentine. At the time Claudius II was ruler of Rome. Claudius II felt that his soldiers would be much better of if they were single and did not have to worry about wives. Because of this, Claudius outlawed marriage of his soldiers. However, Valentine secretly went against this law and married young couples.


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Another legend contends that Valentine was a prisoner who was in love with warden's daughter. She visited him during his stay in prison. In a communication to her, legend has it that, he signed the letter "From your Valentine". An endearment still used today. Because of the rumored connection to romance, Saint Valentine was one of the most popular saints in Europe through middle ages.


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The significance of February 14th is unclear, at best. Many believe it is due to Valentine's death or birth. Although this cannot be confirmed because of poor record keeping.

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