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Vocal Lesson Plans

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  1. Pass the Melody- Students will gain an apreciation and knowledge of melodies by creating and practicing melodies as a class.
  2. Pitch and Performance - Understaning how pitch differences(as opposed to other properties of sound such as duration, volume or timbre)are represented and created in music.
  3. Rythmic Patterns: Imitating the Rythm of Words- Students will examine and repeat the rythmic patterns that are found in words and develop and understanding and apreciation of rythm.
  4. Solfege ( Do - So ) - The student will be able to name the notes, to write the notes and to sing the notes and the important thing is to memorizes the notes.
  5. Tap Your Feet- Students will practice following a pattern and become familiar with the concept of beat in music. They will be introduced to tempo.
  6. Teaching With Popular Music- Teaching with Popular Music is part of a broad-based effort to include more of America's children in a balanced, sequential music education program.

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